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Features of Betta Fish

Betta Fish are small freshwater ray-finned fishes belonging to Osphronemidae family. Some of the prominent species of this type include B. picta, B. pugnax and B. splendens. These species belong to genus Betta. Around 65 species have been categorized under this genus. They are native to Thailand and Cambodia. They are considered as fairly hardy fish and thus, they can easily survive even in low oxygenated water. They are capable of living anywhere, mainly in Asia. Therefore, you can find them in small pond, river and drain as well.

Physical Appearance : - Almost all the Betta fishes are small in size that range between 1 inch and 5 inches. They boast a unique organ named labyrinth that enables them to breathe atmospheric air. Hence, these species have the ability to thrive even in rice paddies, slow moving water, drainage ditches, etc. They look beautiful and attention grabbing creatures with numerous vibrant colors and fin shapes.

Behavior : - They are quite friendly species and have great recognition ability as they easily recognize their caretaker. They tend to dance and swim around on seeing their owner. Moreover, these fishes also play games by following your finger.

Depending on their spawning behavior, these species can be classified into two groups:
1.    Bubble nest builders and
2.    Mouthbrooders.

The B. splendens are bubble nest builders, while the B. picta are normally mouthbrooders. It is to be noted that the mouthbrooding species are also referred as “pseudo Bettas”. The male fish are usually aggressive due to their warrior nature to protect its territory. On the other hand, their female counterparts are well mannered and not aggressive in nature.

These curious species have been found to undergo depression and even starve themselves to death, if the male is removed from the tank immediately after spawning. It is to be noted that the two male Betta fish in the same tank might indulge in a vicious fight causing injuries to each other. Although females are not aggressive, they may also indulge into a fight on being placed in the same tank with the male before she is ready to spawn. Thus, the handler must keep in mind this behavior of the species before placing Betta fishes together.

Feeding habits : - They are not very fond of eating, albeit they should be fed at least once in a day with little food. They can be fed with floating flake food, live black worms, frozen brine shrimp, dried blood worms and Betta pellets. Betta pellets are easily available at the aquarium store.

Most of the wild species can eat anything available in their surrounding such as larvae of mosquitoes or other insects, living worms, etc.  In natural environment, they have very limited choice of food.

In all, these three major features of the Bettas clearly indicate that these fishes are friendly and playful along with beauty and easy to care as well. 

Some Beautiful Betta Fish Pictures

Betta Fish
 Betta Fish
Betta Fish Pictures


  1. i think betta fish is a beautiful and easier fish than other freshwater fish...

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    Betta 138

  2. beautiful fish, I enjoy watching them in tank