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Goldfish and Their Types

Belonging to the Cyprinidae family, goldfish was amongst the first few species of fish to be domesticated. This breed is commonly found in aquariums at home or any other aquariums. Considered as the carp family’s small member, it is has been bred and first domesticated in China centuries ago. Easily available and inexpensive, this fish breed has associative and social learning ability. It also displays schooling behavior and stops considering human as threat on being exposed to humans constantly.

This breed can differentiate between various shapes, sounds and even colors. These fishes have good memory span of three months. They can also be trained to perform tricks by recognizing the light signals of various colors.

For the sexual maturity, this breed requires enough of water and nutrition in right proportion. They mostly breed in pond settings and generally in spring. They lay eggs that hatch within 48 to 72 hours. Their eggs attach to vegetation in the water due to adhesive characteristic of their eggs. Their young ones are called fry.  This breed comes in different body shape, color, fin configuration, etc. Some of the types of this breed can be classified as follow:

Single tailed :- This type includes Shubunkins and Comets fish. The Shubunkins exhibits colors like violet, red, orange and yellow along with black color spots. The two subtypes of it are London Shubunkins and Bristol Shubunkins. These both have similar shape and they form comets. Comets best suits the garden ponds, mainly because of their ability to tolerate cold water. This hardy type boasts long slim body along with long tail and grows up to 14 inches.

Double tailed :- The example of this type include Watkins that have split tail fin and Jikins, which comes in single coloration only. Watkins comes in variety of colors.  Jikins type’s tail fin is split upward. It has white body encompassing red or orange lips, gill plates and fin.

Egg shaped fish with double tails :-  This type has body that appears like egg and are double tailed fishes. It includes breeds such as Oranda, Pearlscale, Black Moors, Ryukin, Telescope, Veiltail, Demekin and Pompom Egg. All these have a specific trait that distinguishes them well, even though they belong to the same category.
Oranda features helmet on their head and long split tails. Pearlscale has higher egg shaped body compared to many other types. Black Moors comes only in black color. Ryukin has hump just behind the head. Telescope type differs in size of eyes and fins that are long. The fins of the Veiltail are long and hang like a veil. Demenik boasts large telescopic eyes like Telescope and hump back like Ryukin. Pompom Egg has pompom-like small balls on their face and this type also comes without fins.

Egg shaped and double tailed fish without dorsal fins:- This type includes fishes namely Phoenix Egg, Celestial, Lionhead and Bubble Eye. All these lack dorsal fins and they posses some unique traits that can help you to recognize them.

The availability of Phoenix Egg is rare. It has flowing fins, which are usually long.  Celestial doesn’t get injured easily and has eyes similar to Bubble Eye, but without sacks. Although Lionhead has egg shaped body, it has straight back that no other types have. Bubble Eye has large upward pointing eyes with sacks placed under the eyes.

All these Goldfish are kept as pets by many across the world. Their unique traits, good behavior and beautiful appearance make them adorable domesticated fish specie.

Some Beautiful Goldfish Pictures

Goldfish Pictures

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